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EFS2-200 Electroforming System

with 2 cells - 200 Amp Power supply

Stands for Electroforming System with 2 cells, specially designed for producing 14” stamper for the production of Vinyl record. After a lacquer has been pre-plated, this pre-plated lacquer and or DMM can be put in the high speed bath to grow the full stamper. This can be done within 70 min. of time. This system is also capable of processing different sizes like 10” and 12” lacquers, adaption set needs to be ordered separately. The maximum current from the current source is guaranteed to be 200 Amp. The lids are manual opened and closed. The rotation speed can be set from 5 – 100 RPM. The flow of every cell can be adjusted by means of a ball-valve. The solution is temperature controlled. The 7” touch screen is used for programming the 4 different programs with a maximum of 8 steps. The programs can be stopped on time or on archiving the requested amount of A/h.

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