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WBV1-1-4-Wet Bench Vinyl 1-1-4

WBV1-1-4-Wet Bench Vinyl Stands for Wet Bench with one round sink, in the sink a turn-table that can hold DMM and lacquers with a maximum size of 14”.

This wet-bench is designed to do all the beginning steps to process the lacquers and DMM. The first step in production is to inspect all incoming Masters. After being released for production, the pre-treatment steps can be done, like milling the back centre hole, scraping the outer edge of the master the wet-bench will be an important piece of machinery in the production chain. The following steps can be done on the wet-bench: Brushing the masters and stampers, rinsing the parts with demi-water, rocking the 4 bowls that are placed rocker mechanism of the wet-bench. The 4 bowls can contain the following treatment steps: degreasing, wetting, sanitizing and passivation.


Dimensions : 4000 x 800 x 2000 mm W x D x H

Working height : 1000 mm

Minimum required floor space : 10 m², min. space at back of wet-bench 0,5 m for service purpose

Frame is made of  : Stainless Steel

Work bench material  : Polypropylene ( PP )

Electrical connection  : 220/240 VAC , +/- 5%, 50/60Hz, 1 fase, 3 Amp  fused

CEE-plug blue 16A 3 pole, P+N+E

Power consumption : Max. 250 Watts

Demi-water connection : Flexible transparent reinforced PVC hose 18/12 mm

Specifications Demi-water : Min. filtration size is 1 microns, min. demi-water quality is ≤ 1 micron Siemens or ≥ 100 kΩ, required pressure min. 2 bar over pressure, max. over pressure 6 bar, max. required flow is 40 l/m

Tap control :  foot switch, also possible to press an switch for pre-set time

Rocker speed : Adjustable from 2 – 50 RPM foot switch operated

Turn table speed : Adjustable from 10 – 100 RPM foot switch operated

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