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SBV-1-Silvering booth 1.jpg

SBV-1 Silvering booth 1

Stands for Silvering Booth Vinyl ( 1 ) manual version, this unit has a exhaust connected to it including two component spray gun for silvering the 14” lacquers.

This silvering booth is design to do the silvering the lacquers and also the de-silvering the stampers. The two components silvering gun is supplied with the system, the detachable bottle rack with quick release hose connectors for easy filling and cleaning of the two solution bottles. The silver solution is gravity feed.  The exhaust fan and filter box will be also supplied with this system, that can be operated and controlled from the front control panel. Also an extra air-gun is supplied with the system for quick drying of the parts.


Dimensions : 800 x 800 x 2500 mm  W x D x H

Working height : 1000 mm

Minimum required floor space : 2 m², min. space at back of wet-bench 0,5 m for service purpose

Silvering Booth is made of : Polypropylene (PP)

Electrical connection  : 220/240 VAC , +/- 5%, 50/60Hz, 1 fase, 3 Amp  fused

CEE-plug blue 16A 3 pole, P+N+E

Power consumption : Max. 600 Watts

Demi-water connection : Flexible transparent reinforced PVC hose 18/12 mm

Specifications Demi-water : Min. filtration size is 1 microns, min. demi-water quality is ≤ 1 micron Siemens or ≥ 100 kΩ, required pressure min. 2 bar over pressure, max. over pressure 6 bar, max. required flow is 40 l/m

Tap control : foot switch operated

Turn table speed : Adjustable from 10 – 100 RPM, foot switch operated

Compressed air   connection : Flexible transparent reinforced PVC hose 12/8 mm

Specs of compressed air/NOX : Preferred, NOX bottle 99,99 % purity, and or compressed air with no oil, dew point below 25 degree, filtered at finer then 0,5 microns., including active carbon filtering. Maximum amount of compressed air/NOX consumption 200n l/m. Requested air/NOX pressure should be between 5 – 7 bar over pressure.

Exhaust specifications : 250 mm diameter tube size, capacity from 0-1000 m3/h

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